Guerilla Art installation: Cosmic Changes render all social orders and materialistic acquisitions utterly useless. An experiential room constructed outside of a gallery or art space is placed in the public realm open for all to experience without any boundaries or invigilators. As art splits between the production of an elitist consumer market and a rigorous academic, polemic discourse so embedded in its own esoteric means that art has become utterly inaccessible for the public, this installation questions the energy source of such abstruse art making. This piece was created for any audience, it was placed in the most publicly accessible arena, a downtown sidewalk. Its interior presents the demise of a rich décor, in which traditional salon frames showcase images from the Hubble Telescope in lieu of traditional images, skylights illuminate from above as gold millwork decomposes in the hot humidity of the Miami summer. The ultimate destination of this installation, as many other things created by all civilizations, the landfill to decompose in the Earth.